Geeks. They come in all shapes and sizes. They obsess, they collect, they watch, they read, they discuss, they debate, and dissect the minutiae of pop-culture to a degree “normal” humans never even dream of. This is a blog about the stuff that geeks like. It will serve as a guide to all things geek, examining all divisions and sub-divisions of the massive and diverse geek community.

Quite obviously, this blog is directly inspired by the genius blog Stuff White People Like. While I am in no way comparing the writing or the content of this blog to the work of SWPL, I hope to maintain the standard they have set with humorous, well-researched, and well-written posts about the stuff geeks like. It’s up to you, dear reader, to judge if I have succeeded. Let the hatred and bile commence!

Oh, and for the record, yes, I am a geek myself.


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